Heat Transfer Systems Feature Integrated Circulation Pump

Huber has extended its product range with five new heat transfer systems, which can be connected to an existing cooling water supply for a variety of applications. The HTS has no mechanical refrigeration but is fitted with a circulation pump, plate heat exchanger and CC-Pilot controller. The new heat transfer systems are suitable for applications where a cooling water supply is required with stable pressure and flow and precise working temperature.

The HTS has an integrated circulation pump that can achieve 33 l / min and pressure up to 2.5 Bar. The CC-Pilot controller is equipped with a color display and RS232 interface which controls the cooling water temperature from 5 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius with a stability of ± 0.1 K - via Pt100 external sensor directly connected to the application. The devices are also available with integrated heating and thermal protection.

Heat transfer
Product Type:
Cooling water