MSDS Management Tool Supports GHS Conformance

3E Co. has announced the availability of new capabilities within 3E Online with features that support conformance with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and Classification Labeling and Packaging (CLP) initiatives.

As national regulatory authorities around the world implement GHS (or CLP in Europe), 3E has introduced multiple new features and functionality to help ease the burden of conformance. The new GHS and CLP tools within 3E Online provide support for downstream GHS classification and labeling requirements worldwide, potentially reducing the time and resources necessary for effective compliance management.

The new capabilities include access to specialized resources within 3E's established safety data sheet obtainment program and the ability to extract GHS information from SDSs. Once GHS compliant SDSs have been obtained and GHS data elements have been extracted, relevant information is loaded into 3E Online for access through a variety of new features, including GHS labels GHS classification and labeling reports, GHS regulatory reports and GHS system enhancements.

Users can also augment the new standard features with the Revision Alert Module, which provides users with a weekly notification email message identifying SDSs that have been updated with new or modified GHS information from the previous week. In addition, customers can also access GHS data using SAP EHS Management via 3E's Ariel Data Manager.

Product Type:
Hazard analysis
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