Low-Flow Control Valve Withstands High Pressure

Badger Meter has added the ultra-high-pressure valve assembly HP-60 to its Research Control Valve line. Engineered for use in high-pressure chemical applications including research, injection and pilot plants, the HP-60 is a 60,000-psi low-flow control valve.

Designed with the 17-4ph alloy (chromium-copper precipitation hardening stainless steel) and solid Stellite Innervalve assembly, the valve can withstand intense pressure and provides a moderate level of corrosion resistance. The HP-60 can be used for both flow control and as a Class IV shutoff valve. The versatility of the HP-60 creates a singular solution for high pressure applications.

HP-60 offers custom options tailored to fit individual needs. Customizable variables for the valve include end connections, trim characteristics, solenoids, actuators, positioners, transducers, regulators, and other accessories that allow for seamless connection to most systems.

Product Type:
Badger Meter