New NSF Listed Rotary Vane Pumps Handle Wide-Ranging Applications

Clark Solutions' PA Stainless series rotary vane pumps are NSF listed for potable water and available in eight displacements. PA stainless-steel rotary vane pumps feature AISI 303 stainless-steel pump housings and rotors. 

The pump chamber and vane construction for PA series pumps are carbon graphite. Shaft sealing for PA series pumps is achieved by a mechanical face seal. The inlet and outlet ports are female threaded 3/8" NPT. Available options include a built-in adjustable bypass to protect the pumps from unexpected pressure spikes. The pump can be connected to direct coupling motors with a stainless-steel clamp or to M71 and M80 UNELMEC or NEMA 56C frame motors with optional coupling and adapter sets.

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