Respirators Available In Low-Pressure And High-Pressure Models

Allegro Industries' supplied air shield is available in a low-pressure or high-pressure model. It's suitable for use with grinding, chipping, spray painting and auto body repair. The visor is made of Nylon plastic. The lens is polycarbonate and the chin guard is polypropylene for added strength, while the shroud is cotton for comfort. The full-mask supplied air respirator, available as a low-pressure or high-pressure system, is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold.

The polycarbonate lens offers a wider, distortion-free viewing area with an antifog, antiscratch coating. Allegro's family of disposable Options include the maintenance-free Tyvek, Saran and double-bib Maintenance Free Tyvek, These fully disposable hoods are designed with the down-tube integrated into hood, so there's no need for decontamination.

The air shield handles dirty environments such as spray painting or asbestos abatement. The Deluxe Tyvek double-bib hard hat and the Tyvek supplied air respirator hood offer a reinforced down tube with swivel connection for added flexibility. All Allegro respirators incorporate an over-the-shoulder design to keep the air hose out of the way of work. Use the above hoods with a low-pressure flow adaptor and/or with a high-pressure controller.
In addition, Allegro's low-pressure 100% disposable economy Poly-Pro hood includes the same features but comes with an plastic disposable OBAC quick connect coupler. Other low-pressure NIOSH-approved supplied air respirators include the full-mask and half-mask styles, which are soft and pliable and offer continuous flow protection.

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