Rupture Discs Comprise Corrosive-Resistant Graphite

Oseco has developed a new line of graphite rupture discs for use in highly corrosive gas and liquid processes. The GraphiTech line is available in three configurations, including the GraphiTech Monoblock (GTM), the GraphiTech Monoblock with Vacuum Support (GTMV) and the GraphiTech Inverted (GTI).

GraphiTech discs are all constructed using corrosive-resistant, resin-impregnated graphite and include non-asbestos inlet and outlet gaskets. The GTM is available for general applications that require a rupture disc to withstand corrosive chemicals, such as processes involving sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, ultrapure water and phosgene. The GTMV was designed for the same corrosive processes that need vacuum protection, which can be required on any ASME vessel. Oseco designed GTI's inverted disc for jobs requiring a high-burst pressure and additional corrosive protection with its available Teflon liner.

GraphiTech discs' flat design allows them to fit securely in between piping flanges with no holders required for installation. With a 0% manufacturing range and 90% operating ratio, discs are stamped at their requested burst pressure and temperature. All models are available in sizes from 1-inch through 24 inches, with ASME UD stamps available.

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