Float And Thermostatic Steam Trap Features Stainless-Steel Body

Spirax Sarco is pleased to announce the release of the half-inch FTS–150 and the FTS-300 float and thermostatic steam trap series. This product has been redesigned to replace the OK series from a mixed material trap with a forged steel cover and stainless body to an all stainless-steel material. This new design has opened new markets and now can be used in the chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, and food and beverage industries where stainless steel is required. This trap series does not rust and is corrosion resistant.

With its single-seated mechanism, all models of the FTS series are full modulating with 100% turn down ratio on both pressure and flow. The series also has a tight shut-off on no load, resulting instantaneous response to condensate load changes. The trap operates at saturated steam temperatures with no back up of condensate into the inlet piping.

All thermostatic air vents are able to operate up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and remove air rapidly on start up making it water hammer resistant and capable of withstanding superheat. This series operates with no functional steam loss and does not require a water seal or prime to close. Every Trap is 100% steam tested at the factory to guarantee performance.

The standard offering includes two operating ranges 0 to 150 psig and 0 to 300 psig. All piping connections shall be NPT or SW. The FTS stainless-steel series traps are available in half-inch NPT pipe connections, which are direct inline on the vertical model. The direction shall be right–to–left when looking at front cover on the horizontal trap and in the top and out the bottom on the vertical pattern trap.  Internals are all stainless-steel construction.

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