New 17-Inch Pumps Are Available In Bare-Shaft Or Base-Mounted Configurations

Griswold Pump Co. released three new 17-inch 811 Series pump models. These new models complete the ANSI B73.1 product line and are 100% compatible or interchangeable with many competitive B73.1 pump models.

Griswold offers all 811 Series pumps in bare-shaft or base-mounted configurations. Griswold also offers ATEX-compliant bare-shaft models (classified II 2 GD c IIC TX) that feature the CE mark for importation into the European Union.

Pump-Flo has been updated to include the new 17 inch 811 models. Additionally, price sheets and parts lists have been revised. IOM's, performance curves and brochures will be updated in a running change.

Lead times for the 17 inch 811 Series pumps may be extended until accurate sales and inventory levels can be established.

Features include maximum flow rates of 7,000 gpm, maximum heads of 310 feet (94.5 m), epoxy-coated oil sump, oil-level sight glass, SKF bearings and Inpro/Seal bearing isolators. Available sizes include 8" X 6" -17, 10" X 8" -17 and 10" X 8" -16H. Seal options include mechanical and packing.


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