Metal Detectable Fluidizer Disk Mounts On Storage Vessel Wall

Solimar Pneumatics has developed a metal detectable fluidizer disk in response to requests from food manufacturers that are seeking the highest purity for their product. Instances of Solimar fluidizer disks contaminating product are extremely rare, but disks that have been mechanically damaged during bin cleaning by extreme air pressures or improper installation could potentially cause a problem.

Solimar's fluidizer disk mounts on the storage vessel wall and utilizes air pressure to unload powder and bulk solids faster and completely without bridging and rat holing. The system is suitable for silos, hoppers and dry bulk trailers. This new disk provides another level of protection and safety.

The new gray metal detectable disk joins the standard blue and white silicone versions, orange high temperature silicone, black and white EPDM and tan neoprene. The aeration of the Solimar disk fluidizer utilizes directional air flow along the wall of the chamber to loosen product and move it to the discharge point. Gentle vibration is provided at the outer edges of the disk which helps to keep powders and bulk solids flowing.

Because the disk seals tightly against the chamber wall, there is minimum back pressure. This design advantage also prevents airline plugging. All Solimar aerators are compatible with food grade materials and are FDA approved. The silicone material will not tear or absorb moisture. The disk aerators will withstand temperatures to 350-degrees Fahrenheit (170° C).