New Rheometer Comes Equipped With USB Connection Capability

The Brookfield DV-III Ultra Rheometer now includes USB connectivity. Brookfield applications software, Rheocalc and Rheoloader, have been upgraded to recognize this new communications capability. Customers who already have a DV-III Ultra or DV-III+ Rheometer can arrange to have their instrument retrofitted with this new capability by contacting their local Brookfield dealer.

The DV-III Ultra combines the features of a rheometer with the yield stress measurement capability of Brookfield's YR-1 Yield Test Rheometer. In stand-alone mode the operator enters test parameters, temperature control requirements, starts the program and the results are displayed on the built-in display. The DV-III Ultra also provides built-in math models for data analysis.  

Optional Rheocalc32 software allows the operator control all aspects of rheological testing directly from their computer. The operator can analyze data, generate multiple plot overlays, print tabular data, run math models and perform other time-saving routines. Data can be saved in the program or exported to Excel. Using optional vane spindles with DV-III Ultra, the operator can create test programs to measure yield behavior, performing true static yield tests.

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Brookfield Engineering