Application Delivers Real-Time Plant Data To Mobile Devices

ExperTune's PlantTriage now provides real-time trending of process variables on mobile phones. Live data from a control system is relayed to a cell phone's browser. This feature allows users to have immediate access to control-room data, even when working remotely out in the plant.

The PlantTriage control performance monitoring system automatically diagnoses and prioritizes process, control, and instrumentation problems, 24 hours a day. Integrated analysis and tuning tools can improve plant results by focusing effort on the most critical issues. 

The trending tools provide immediate trends of process variables, set points, and controller outputs. Users can zoom, span and scale the trends to see details. Other features of the PlantTriage Control Performance Monitor are also available directly via a cell phone browser. For example, users can browse through reports and dashboards that pinpoint instrument issues, valve issues, and tuning problems.

Product Type:
Data Collection