Reference Recorder Displays Differential Pressure To 0.025% Accuracy

Crystal Engineering has added a free quarterly update to its nVision Reference Recorder. This update enables the intrinsically safe, handheld field calibrator to graph and record average and differential pressure data. 

The nVision can now display, record and graph differential pressure to an accuracy of 0.025% of the differential reading up to 300 psi static, 0.05% up to 3,000 psi static and 0.1% up to 10,000 psi static pressure. The nVision can also record 500,000 data points from each of its two modular sensors, simultaneously. It takes these measurements as frequently as every 0.1 second, without any change in accuracy between -20°C and 50°C.

The nVision delivers this accuracy while maintaining field capability and without risking sensor damage. Other differential calibrators can sustain damage easily when an improper connection or operation of valves exposes their single sensor to full static pressure. Because the nVision reference recorder uses two independent pressure modules, operators cannot damage either sensor, providing they have selected the appropriate pressure modules for the anticipated static pressure.