HART-Enabled Migration Solution Facilitates DCS Upgrade

Invensys Operations Management has released a new HART-enabled plug-in migration solution for Fisher PROVOX Series 20 distributed control systems (DCS). Fisher Provox users can now upgrade to the advanced Foxboro I/A Series DCS. Users can utilize HART field communications functionality along with InFusion enterprise control system technologies to achieve control excellence without the need for rewiring.

Invensys plug-in migration technology can minimize cost, risk and process downtime because the upgrade can be accomplished without replacing field wiring, termination assemblies, system enclosures or power supplies. Invensys replaces the Fisher Provox input/output (I/O) modules with new Foxboro I/A Series I/O modules designed to plug directly into the existing Provox system nests. This approach is provides reversibility if needed. The actual system switchover can be accomplished in hours with minimal, if any, costly process downtime.

The Foxboro I/A Series I/O modules for the Fisher Provox DCS are based on Invensys Operations Management's latest I/A Series 200 Series fieldbus module technology, providing HART capability for better device diagnostics and overall asset management.

The new Foxboro I/A Series I/O modules for Fisher Provox systems feature rugged, optionally redundant, fault-tolerant 200 Series I/O for nonstop analog, discrete and HART digital field communications; high-performance, optionally redundant/fault-tolerant ZCP- and FCP-270 control processors; the new I/A Series Field Device Manager, which takes advantage of both EDDL and FDT fieldbus technologies to reduce configuration, commissioning and ongoing support costs for intelligent field devices over the instruments' entire life cycles; Mesh Control Network, which utilizes commercial networking technologies to help ensure unconstrained performance and nonstop communications over the process control network.