Tandem Diaphragm Pumps Suit Various OEM Applications

KNF NF single-head pumps are now available as tandem diaphragm pumps for liquids. Two pump heads driven by one motor are integrated to equip designers with highly versatile solutions for a wide range of OEM applications. These specially configured self-priming pumps can be specified in a variety of standard materials, connection types, motors, and with custom options to meet exact requirements. They additionally can serve as "drop-in" replacements for other tandem-version pumps, regardless of manufacturer.

NFT pumps join a growing family of KNF diaphragm pumps benefiting from twin-headed pump technology and are available in three sizes: NFT30, NFT60 and NFT100. Depending on the model, KNF tandem pumps can achieve flow rates of 1.2 lpm per head and pressure up to 85 psig per head. They suit applications ranging from medical devices and chemical/blood analyzers to large-scale inkjet printers and other equipment and instruments across industries.
With the tandem configuration, both sides can independently handle different liquids (or even air/gas on one side) along with separate pressure and flow requirements or they can be plumbed in parallel to operate together for increased flow and reduced pulsation.

NFT pumps can be selected either with brush-commutated DC, brushless DC (BLDC) or an ironless core motor.The consolidated single motor and two-headed pump design can provide cost savings and create a compact footprint to minimize space requirements. Pumps can be mounted for operation in any position.

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