Metal Housing For Intrinsically Safe Wireless Nodes Contains Integrated Power Supply

Banner Engineering introduces a compact metal housing rated for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations for its intrinsically safe DX99 wireless node product line. A DX99 node provides power to sensors directly within a hazardous area, with an integrated battery power supply that produces an intrinsically safe (IS) power source for the radio transceiver and external third party sensors. Equipped with its new housing, the DX99 node is more versatile while maintaining its single-chamber design -- placing the battery, wiring terminal and radio together to enable simplified mounting and connection to sensors.

Designed with industrial process applications in mind, DX99 Nodes create a secure and reliable wireless network with features such as a built-in site survey tool that allows the installer to determine the quality of the wireless link. DX99 nodes also offer a combination of input options including discrete, analog, thermocouple and RTD.

DX99 Node radios transmit and receive wireless data up to 3 miles -- 150mw with 2dBi antenna -- while consuming very little power. Low-power electronics combined with sampling technology provide a standalone solution that operates for years on a single battery. Additional accessories, including flange and pipe mounting brackets, are also available.

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Banner Engineering Corp.