Bucket Conveyor And Elevator System Features Cantilevered Bucket Design

Gough Econ has released a midsize Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system with a larger-capacity bucket design for higher throughput and applications beyond typical dry bulk material handling. The bucket elevator offers more than twice the capacity of the original Elecon system.

Like other Gough Elecon bucket conveyors, the new midsize multi-axis conveyor has a chain- and wedge-shaped cantilevered bucket design that comes together and overlaps at the load or fill station.The rack and pinion system assures full discharge with a 360-degree bucket rotation on selection and quick return to the upright position for maximum flexibility.

The midsize Elecon can convey material in three different directions: vertically, horizontally or any direction up to 180 degrees. This is done without having to transfer the load being conveyed. It also lets users fit the conveyor within their production facility instead of modifying their facility to accommodate the material handling system.

Powders and solids
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