System Monitors Pump Temperature And Vibration

Colfax Corp. has expanded its SmartSense intelligent pump monitoring line to include the new SmartSense Pulse. Measuring only 2.4 inches long, 1.6 inches wide and 1.3 inches deep, the Pulse fits near the bearing on a pump to gauge temperature and vibration. At-a-glance LEDs on the unit indicate pump performance and provide preventive maintenance alerts when needed.

The Pulse follows the introduction of Colfax's initial SmartSense system, whose larger control unit and additional sensors monitor pressure, wear, cavitation and integrity of the pump's mechanical seal  in addition to temperature and vibration.

The larger SmartSense system's control modules can be accessed through the owner's own data network, the Internet, cell phones or wireless devices and can operate independently using its own customizable algorithm or connected to a group of pumps managed from a central office.

Colfax's software for the larger SmartSense system also has the ability to alert operators to the need for parts, with accompanying ordering documentation, for regularly scheduled maintenance or to address replacement needs as they arise.

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