Calibration System Handles Flow Meters Used In Less-Precise Applications

Flow Dynamics new Flow Transfer Standard–Continuous Loop Calibrator can perform NIST-traceable liquid flow calibrations on various types of flow meters used in less-precise applications, including rotameters and water meters, as well as slow response meters requiring long settling time.

Typical users of the FTS-CL calibration system include OEM commercial meter manufacturers, government calibration laboratories and U.S. Federal Aviation Administration repair centers. When properly sized, the calibrator will produce uncertainties of +/-0.15%, which is acceptable for meters requiring +/-0.5% of reading calibration accuracy.

The FTS-CL is a bench-type, self-contained, semi-automatic volumetric calibration system. The heart of the calibrator is a precision and highly repeatable dual-rotor turbine flow meter manifold system. It also includes three positive displacement pumps with clutch and motor speed controller; an electronic interface module; and a personal computer with Flow Dynamics' Windows-based "Flo-Cal" software.  The calibrator provides an adjustable test section for units under test, as well as air bleed valves and a spill pan to return the fluid back to the reservoir through a filter system.

The FTS-CL's continuous-flow design can calibrate meters faster than a positive displacement primary standard calibrator but with less precision. It is suitable for OEMs that need to calibrate production meters in higher volumes. Three positive displacement pumps driven by a motor and speed controller provide flow in the system. Each pump is selected as necessary by engaging its clutch and opening its isolation valve.

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