Wireless Adapter For HART Devices Provides Remote Asset Monitoring

ABB introduces its loop-powered, small-footprint, FieldKey wireless adapter that unlocks stranded information in existing HART devices. This unit serves as a wireless extension of the HART standard as used in over 25 million installed instruments. It allows users to wirelessly and remotely monitor and configure their instrumentation assets. The adapters are compatible with 800xA asset-management software or with the ABB Asset Vision Professional standalone product.

The FieldKey wireless adapter can be set up using a handheld or PC-based software. Users can establish communications via the WirelessHART protocol that supports frequency channel hopping. The protocol automatically builds a mesh network that can re-route communication paths to overcome blocked signals. Encrypted messaging based on AES 128-bit banking standards along with managed join keys and network IDs provide a secure method of communication.

Potential benefits include reduced installation costs with fewer or no cable runs, capability to monitor previously uneconomical process data, automation of manual data collection, a way to troubleshoot with short-term measurements and standards-based to ensure interoperability.

The ABB FieldKey wireless adapter mounts into an available cable gland on an instrument and can rotate almost completely around to achieve optimal antenna direction. Initially the adapter suits nonhazardous areas but will be released for hazardous area applications later this year.

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