Portable Condition Monitoring Tool Features Extended Battery Life

The new SKF Microlog Adviser Pro provides maintenance, service and quality inspection technicians with on-the-spot machine condition diagnosis. This stand-alone device does not rely on prior measurement data and does not require advanced PdM software. As a result, users can benefit from a proactive maintenance approach without the need for vibration expertise or prior setup of an advanced PdM route-based system. And with the ability to choose from a range of application modules, the SKF Microlog Advisor Pro delivers the functionality of several maintenance tools in one handheld device.
Designed for use by expert and novice users, the Advisor Pro is suitable for service, maintenance, inspection and diagnostic applications. This three-channel, portable maintenance tool is new to the SKF Microlog family of products. It features an intuitive user interface, wizard-driven measurement instructions and an automated analysis system based on pre-programmed ISO standards. Green, yellow and red color-codes indicate test status, invalid or abnormal measurements and machinery condition. 

The Microlog Advisor Pro also features a 25,600-line resolution color display, an advanced computing engine, high-performance data acquisition hardware and DSP technology and a 40 kHz Fmax. The unit includes extended battery life for up to eight hours of continuous use, as well as memory upgrades via SD card. If required, data can be output for further analysis and report generation.
In addition, a range of pre-configured, application-specific kits are available that provide users with all associated accessories and sensors, as well as modules such as Spindle Assessment and Idler Sound monitor. The SKF Microlog Advisor Pro also can be provided with a PC-based analysis and reporting module. Once data is uploaded to this module, it is automatically shown in the application main window. The analysis and reporting module also provides a range of post-processing features that allow users to get the most out of their SKF Microlog Advisor Pro data.