Software Suite Extends Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager v11 extends Emerson Process Management's asset management capabilities by adding Profibus DP v1 asset support when used with the DeltaV digital automation system. AMS Device Manager v11, a key component of the PlantWeb digital plant architecture, can help users streamline maintenance procedures by providing a single application for managing all field devices using Hart Foundation fieldbus, Profibus DP and IEC 62591 (WirelessHart) communications. By having a central point to actively manage all asset information, users may be able to leverage predictive diagnostics to ensure equipment reliability and availability.

Adding Profibus DP protocol support provides AMS Device Manager users with an expanded range of assets manageable from one application. In addition to instrumentation and valves, users can now communicate with motor starters, motor control centers, drives and other high-value equipment.

Like the previous version, AMS Device Manager v11 includes user-centric interfaces called Device Dashboards. Now including Profibus DP assets, these interfaces are designed to deliver clear asset status diagnostics and expert guidance to streamline important and frequently performed tasks. Maintenance technicians receive more in-depth information to solve device issues.

AMS Device Manager v11 also expands its support to the DeltaV v11 release, including the S-series hardware, CHARMs I/O cards, redundant wireless and native wireless I/O cards. The DeltaV v11 release features "I/O on demand" to help users eliminate work, reduce project costs and increase operational flexibility.