Steam Trap Handles High-Pressure Steam Lines

Spirax Sarco's TD120M thermodynamic steam trap is engineered for a pressure rating up to 3190PSIG. The TD120M can drain saturated and superheated steam mains in the O.P.C and power generation industries.

With its maintainable disc and seat, this steam trap can be serviced in-line and can be beneficial to customers with welded installations. The trap has an on-off cycle designed to make it easy to test with many steam trap testing devices. The TD120M offering includes an integral sintered stainless-steel strainer, a replaceable hardened seat and disc for ease of maintenance.

The trap does not need a water seal to operate making it suited for superheat applications.  Every Trap is 100% air tested, hydraulic tested and steam tested at the factory to guarantee performance. The standard offering includes alloy steel body and cover construction; chromium steel seat and disc; and sizes of 1/2 inch (15 mm), 1/4 inch (20 mm) and 1 inch (25mm).  Standard socket weld available options include butt weld and flanged ANSI1500.

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