Enhanced Chemical Approval Tool Provides Regulatory Impact Analysis

3E's new version of its Chemical Approval module is available for use with 3E Online - MSDS, the company's material safety data sheet management system. The module enables Chemical Approval managers to manage and control what chemicals enter a given facility by allowing them access to directly relevant regulatory data for reference when deciding whether to approve or deny a product.

In addition, the Chemical Approval module allows the chemical approval manager to review MSDSs and other product information to determine whether the product should be allowed on site. The module also enables users to compare the product to more than 40 regulatory lists and custom CAS lists to determine reporting requirements and to forbid banned chemicals from entering each site.

The enhanced Chemical Approval module also features approval forms that allow users to attach their internal approval forms to an approval request. In addition, an improved regulatory impact analysis  feature provides the ability to compare products pending approval against regulatory lists or custom lists, such as a banned chemical list. Chemical approvers can use this information to determine the regulatory impact of adding that material. This advanced functionality can streamline the overall approval process.

The module also includes conditional approvals that enable users to limit the approval of a product.  If a product is approved for use but only in specific quantities, the chemical approval manager can place a conditional approval on the product which will then alert the users to these conditions.

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