Vibration Analyzer Enables Complex Signal Analysis

The new SKF Microlog Consultant is a stand-alone, four-channel vibration analyzer. It delivers both sophisticated dynamic signal analysis and an automated diagnosis expert system in a Class 1 Div 2 and IP-65 rated unit. As a high-end signal analyzer for expert users, the Consultant offers the performance and features of PC-based alternatives in a portable instrument designed to cope with demanding industrial environments.

In the hands of quality and repair technicians, the Consultant delivers on-the-spot machine condition diagnosis and production test quality indications. And with the ability to choose from a range of application modules, the SKF Microlog Consultant offers the functionality of several maintenance tools in one handheld device.
The new SKF Microlog Consultant, which can be used in various industrial applications, provides diagnosis for machinery troubleshooting and design verification, maintenance verification, installation and commissioning verifications, proactive maintenance without the need for PdM software systems, and production line testing and quality assessments.
Combined with an 80kHz FMax, and a bright, 6.4 inch, 25,6000 line resolution VGA color screen, the Microlog Consultant suits displaying spectra, time waveforms, cross channel phase, Bode, Nyquist, waterfall and color spectrograms. Additionally, there’s no laptop fan to interfere with acoustic measurements. The unit also enables seamless data transfer for further analysis and report generation. Quality and repair technicians are provided with simple wizard-driven measurement instructions and an automated analysis system based on pre-programmed ISO standards. Machinery diagnostics and automated analysis indications are provided by simultaneously assessing up to 64 individual fault criteria, allowing for informed decisions.