Updated Software Suite Expands Users' Automation Data Monitoring

Exele Information Systems has made enhancements to its TopView software suite with the release of TopView SQL. The updated solution allows the user to query almost any relational database as a  source of "monitored data" for TopView. 

TopView SQL can monitor, alarm and send notification for data within database query results performed against databases, spreadsheets and files. This approach leverages TopView's features to work with data in SQLServer, Oracle, Access, PIOLEDB and others through ODBC or OLEDB.
In addition to expanding the ability of companies to monitor their process and automation data, TopView SQL brings the world of real-time monitoring, alarm management and notification to new data stores such as inventory and shipping systems, websites and financial databases. ODBC and OLEDB provide standard interfaces for querying data from databases. Some drivers also support spreadsheets and files as the data source.

Product Type:
Data Collection
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