Device Monitors Water And Wastewater Processes

Pepperl+Fuchs' CorrTran Aqua solution addresses corrosion monitoring needs of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. CorrTran Aqua continuously monitors water and wastewater processes for general and localized corrosion, enabling users to determine the effectiveness of their corrosion inhibitors and to detect and correct corrosion issues through upkeep and preventative maintenance.

CorrTran Aqua is sold as a complete kit that includes a main unit, a 100-psi working pressure probe, 10-foot interconnect cable and steel or copper electrodes. CorrTran Aqua transmitters use a new algorithm of the Linear Polarization Resistance, Harmonic Distortion Analysis and ElectroChemical Noise measurement for maximum corrosion monitoring accuracy. 

They also automatically calculate and update the Stern-Geary value (B-value) due to changes in other process variables to maintain maximum accuracy. At the completion of each measurement cycle, the respective corrosion rate and pitting value is calculated and made available to the plant personnel in the form of a 4…20 mA HART signal.

Reliability and Maintenance
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