Condition Monitoring Software Suite Provides Real-Time Performance Calculations

Dresser-Rand Group introduces two diagnostic modules for its Envision suite of condition-monitoring software. The modules work individually or in tandem to provide information that can help increase machinery availability, improve productivity and reduce operating costs.
The Envision Compressor Performance Module (CPM) provides operators with real-time and historical centrifugal compressor performance calculations. Data are primarily gathered from the plant's existing control interface to minimize installation time and cost. With Envision CPM, users assess the compressor train's performance relative to factory determined performance maps. This information allows operational and maintenance activities to be planned ahead of a required shut down, reducing the impact on production and enabling corrective action to be determined before servicing the compressor.
The second module, D-R's Envision Health for Journal Bearings Vibration Analysis, aids in the early detection of incipient problems in rotating equipment  -- as much as one to nine months before a problem deteriorates to unit failure or lost production. By having advanced warning and problem diagnosis, equipment operators can plan ahead for operation and maintenance activities.
By adding Envision CPM and Envision Health to a standard D-R control system, the modules provide a single interoperable platform that combines all machine monitoring needs into one program. With a point and click of the mouse, the user can move from operations to diagnostic screens.