Flowmeters Are Designed For Aggressive Gas And Fluid Applications

Dwyer Instruments' Series P72 Flowmeters are heavy-bodied meters for corrosives, gases and high-purity fluids. These meters are designed specifically for demanding applications. They are suited for caustic solutions as well as liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and chlorine gas.

The Series P72 flowmeters are designed for water treatment facilities that deal with these aggressive types of gases and fluids. The P72-A is comprised of P72 and polysulfone, while the P72-B has all P72 wetted components for maximum corrosion resistance. Units have a full-scale accuracy of ±2% and can be disassembled quickly without the meter being removed from the pipeline for cleaning. The Series P72 flowmeters are available with standard 3/4˝, 1-1/2˝, 3˝, and 4˝ flange connections. Optional NPT connections are also available.

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