Heavy-Duty Industrial Fans Handle Heavy-Dust Jobs

New LS industrial fans by Airlanco handle heavy-duty dust loads or coarse materials. The new fans serve as components in dust collection and cyclone systems and are used for make-up air and general ventilation. The LS fans can be customized and come with pedestal or unitary bases and range from 1,000 to 100,000 cfm.

A built-tough radial blade design enables the heavy-duty LS fans to be used in extreme material handling applications. The wheels are engineered for high-tip speeds to meet high-static pressure requirements and are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth running. The flat radial blade design is available in carbon or stainless-steel construction. Shafts are turned, precision-ground and polished from carbon or stainless steel stock.

The V-belt drive allows fine-tuning fan speed and cfm by changing pulleys and belts. Workers can also adjust airflow without changing fan speeds by using optional inlet and outlet dampers. Optional exhaust stacks elevate air discharge to the exterior of rooms and buildings. Access doors and pipe-tap drains facilitate cleaning and draining the fan housings. Airlanco engineers evaluate each customer's ventilation or dust collection needs and factor in the volume of air that must be moved or cleaned to achieve the desired comfort or air-quality level.

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