High-Flow Stainless Steel Regulators Feature Conical Design For Consistent Pressure

Cat Pumps' new 7375 and 7376 pressure regulators are designed to meet the demands of industrial applications where continuous-duty, dependable performance is a must. These high-flow regulators set system pressure, bypass unused liquid without interrupting system operation and protect pumps from exceeding set-system pressure.

These regulators feature the same conical piston/seat design used in Cat Pumps' 5-35 gpm (19-132 lpm) family of pressure regulators. The conical design lowers the minimum required bypass flow from 10% to 5%, which permits optimum system output while providing more consistent pressure control. Compared to traditional poppet style regulators, the conical shape nearly eliminates cavitation effects as the high pressure liquid is expanded across the piston.

The new pressure regulators can be used with a variety of liquids including fresh water, sea water, clean oils, oilfield wastewater and chemicals. These new regulators complement Cat Pumps' 60 frame models (6775, 6771 and 6777) or multiple pump systems. The conical design helps ensure consistent pressure for multiple pump, gun or nozzle installation. It also features a flow through inlet/outlet design and stainless-steel construction with FPM elastomers for durability and chemical compatibility.

Typical applications include sea water reverse osmosis, large central cleaning systems, off-road equipment cleaning, mass transit cleaning, multiple nozzle cleaning/ misting systems, oil and liquid transfer systems and off-shore wash down systems.

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