Software Offers Desktop Display Of Manufacturing KPIs

Software Toolbox Inc. introduces a new product called FactoryWidgets that provides data display objects for viewing and monitoring manufacturing data on desktops by personnel anywhere in an enterprise.

The widgets are user-configurable in different colors and with customizable text to match the individual user's needs, according to John Weber, Software Toolbox president. They can be set up with on-screen translucency so they aren't obtrusive while people are doing other work. Users can hover their mouse over the FactoryWidget to bring it into 'focus' for direct interaction. The FactoryWidgets can be configured so that clicking on them links users to more detailed information that they usually may only have access to in a browser.

The widgets can be placed or dragged anywhere on user screens to display essential manufacturing information as up-to-the-minute status information for a broad range of indicators – from production rates and profitability to overall equipment effectiveness, energy usage, production yields, work order completion and many other critical data elements that people want to see, Weber says. A short demo video is viewable at and at the FactoryWidgets website.

FactoryWidgets are provided for both analog and discrete displays, which can be configured in the units of measure and titles that match user business terminology. Users can specify their dynamic color behavior to match their preferences as well. Other FactoryWidgets show progress towards a goal, display multivariable manufacturing metrics and monitor elapsed time of manufacturing and process steps.

FactoryWidgets are offered with centrally managed licensing to facilitate easier and more affordable administration. Licensing is based on the number of FactoryWidgets in use on any number of computers and can be managed on a named or concurrent user basis to match user preferences. The WidgetServer component is lightweight, installs in minutes and can be connected directly to manufacturing data sources anywhere in the enterprise.

Product Type:
Data Collection
Software Toolbox, Inc.