Programmable Automation Control System Provides Entry For Enterprise Control System

Invensys Operations Management's Foxboro programmable automation controller (PAC) system and I/O subsystem offers control and information capabilities for installations with fewer than 3,000 input/output (I/O) points, while providing a foundation for a larger and even more capable enterprise control system (ECS). The Foxboro PAC system is suited for delivering control, alarm management, historian, web reporting and batch functionality for applications in the food and beverage; glass; metals, minerals and mining; life sciences, plastics; water and wastewater; and other industries.

The controller marries high-density I/O modules with cost-effective redundancy options, energy efficiency, continuous analog, logic and sequential control and secure data recording at point of measurement. Additionally, all controllers, I/O modules and power supplies can be swapped without interrupting or shutting down the process operations, which is essential in regulated industries. The Wonderware PAC software includes a single, common integrated development environment. The Wonderware PAC software package also includes Wonderware InTouch 10.1 HMI software.


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Automation systems
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