Mobile Productivity Solution Can Help Improve Plant Reliability

Honeywell's Field Advisor software can help plants reduce costly emergency work and unplanned shutdowns by allowing mobile operators to rectify problems in the field before they escalate and result in equipment failure.

The technology is designed to improve overall plant reliability by recording critical asset data and ensuring it falls within safe operating limits. If the equipment is operating outside the plant’s set limits, Field Advisor then guides the operator through the necessary steps to correct the problem.

The Field Advisor software is used in conjunction with Honeywell’s OneWireless mesh network, as well as the company’s Dolphin mobile computer devices. The solution allows the field worker to download specific tasks and instructions and then upload results for reporting after the tasks are completed.

This allows the field operators to adhere to best practices when conducting their rounds.  It also helps plant maintenance, operations, and reliability teams share information between them more quickly, supervisors plan shift workloads more effectively and allows new operators to be trained at a faster pace.

Reliability and Maintenance
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