Fieldbus Digital Level Controller Stores Up To 30 Logs

Emerson Process Management's  Fisher Fieldvue DLC3020f fieldbus digital level controller  provides new performance levels and information access to help users improve operations. 

In addition to displacement sensor technology for measuring liquid level or the level of interface between two liquids, the DLC3020f uses the digital Foundation fieldbus communication protocol to deliver diagnostics, alerts, and other information that's designed to help users improve performance while avoiding unexpected downtime. Digital communication can make it easier to configure, calibrate, and test the DLC3020f using Emerson's AMS Suite software or 475 Field Communicator and to integrate the instrument with new or existing control systems.

Guided setup and calibration leads the user through the instrument setup, process fluid selection, and calibration.  The capability to select and define process fluids allows on-the-fly fluid changes for batch or continuous applications without calibration. 

The instrument stores up to 30 logs including calibration, instrument setup and process fluid data that can be saved for future reference or re-use.   Advanced electronics are designed to provide increased performance and reliability, and process fluid temperature can be used when needed for density compensation to maintain process-variable accuracy.

Product Type:
Emerson Process Management