Web-Delivered Reliability Software Streamlines Maintenance-Related Tasks

ChemSW Inc. has released an enhanced version of its IMCS Live web-delivered instrument maintenance and calibration system. IMCS Live addresses the three core components of instrument maintenance and calibration: managing routine maintenance schedules, problem resolution and task allocation. The enhanced release is designed to provide a simplified user interface, role-based access and new features that streamline maintenance and calibration tasks.

IMCS Live is a laboratory equipment calibration tracking and management software program that allows labs to automatically schedule periodic maintenance and inspection events, as well as track, monitor and report those events using an extensive array of customizable reports. It provides a central repository for calibration and maintenance records, delivering flexibility in maintaining, visualizing and reporting instrument history. This includes instrument type, identification, location, user and problem status and history. 

New features include optimized searches and integration with Crystal Reports. A new MTBF feature allows the administrator to monitor performance for each piece of equipment. A new "view editor" preview function allows retired equipment to be filtered out of the equipment list without being permanently removed. 

By combining all instrument and equipment maintenance and calibration records into a single repository, the entire system can be validated uniformly and consistently with the least amount of effort, says Brian Stafford, president of ChemSW.