Cooling Water Technology Is Designed For Harsh Conditions

General Electric's latest cooling water technology GenGard 8000 is designed to use lower quality water in the cooling process, while avoiding corrosion and fouling problems. This can provide savings in operating costs and improve the efficiency of the cooling system, which results in greater production output, water conservation and the ability to use alternative water sources.

This new technology is an extension of the existing GenGard product line that covers the full spectrum of water conditions, including the toughest operating conditions. The next generation of GenGard also can reduce the need for sulfuric acid in cooling water systems, minimizing potential environmental impacts.

The new GenGard chemistry expands GE's water treatment product line into the full pH spectrum, from neutral to alkaline cooling water applications. GenGard also offers deposit and corrosion additives that can eliminate the need for sulfuric acid for pH control. This reduction or elimination of acid usage at industrial facilities can help reduce operational costs and increase environmental benefits and keep customers ahead of industry regulations requiring acid reduction.

GenGard 8000 will continue to have the characteristics of the original GenGard chemistry family. It is halogen stable, allowing it to be used in conjunction with the most cost-effective biocide programs. In addition, the GenGard includes a stress-tolerant polymer (STP). STP is designed to be a very forgiving chemistry that offers control of mineral scale and corrosion.

The GenGard product family is designed to work in conjunction with GE's process control and knowledge management platform TrueSense. GenGard 8000 is commercially available immediately in North America with other markets around the world to follow shortly.

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