Portable Eyewash Is Suited For Spot Body Flushing

Speakman Co.'s SE-4300 replaces the company's current line of GravityFlo portable eyewashes. The SE-4300 offers an optional side fitting drench hose. The optional SE-4920 drench hose attaches to the side discharge port and provides the ability for spot body flushing. 

The SE-4300 has a 20-gallon capacity tank that provides a run time in excess of the ANSI Z328.1-required 15 minutes while offering an exceptional performing spray. The pull of an elastomeric strap activates the unit and provides hands-free operation. The integral drain allows flushing fluids to be contained avoiding slip hazards. 

The SE-4300 also comes as a heated unit (SE-4350) for facilities in extreme environments and a unit which includes the optional side fitting drench hose (SE-4320). All SE-4300 units include an 8-ounce bottle of water preservative. The SE-4300 and companion SE-4350 heated unit will be replacing the Speakman SE-4000 & SE-4500. The SE-4300 is currently in stock and available for order. 

Product Type:
Personnel protective equipment
Speakman Co.