Dump Hopper Provides A Dust-Free Dumping Option

Metalfab Inc. has unveiled a bag dump hopper designed to provide a virtually dust-free way of dumping and filling process systems with material received in paper bags.

Designed to be ruggedly built for continuous long-lasting operation, the hopper’s design incorporates a baffle and bin vent to attach to a central dust collector or optional bin vent filter over the dump area to maintain a dust-free work environment while providing a fast and effective means to discharge dry solids products.

The hopper features a hinged door to keep foreign materials from falling into the process stream when not in use and an expanded metal grid to prevent bag pieces from getting into the process as well. An integral exit cone is transitioned to accommodate other Metalfab upstream or downstream equipment such as a feeder, flexible screw conveyor, rotary valve for pneumatic conveying and other application specific requirements.

Powders and solids
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