New Data Recorder/Controller Offers Capabilities In A Compact Package

At 92 millimeters high and wide and 90 millimeters deep, Invensys Operations Management's Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller, the nanodac recorder/controller combines graphical recording capabilities with control, communications and reporting to help customers achieve optimal control and productivity.

The Eurotherm nanodac can be utilized as a stand-alone device or as a connected component of the company's InFusion Enterprise Control System. The nanodac interfaces directly with the Wonderware Historian and System Platform software, providing a combination of secure, hardware-based local data acquisition and storage, along with information, analysis and reporting software.

The nanodac recorder/controller provides 50 megabytes of flash memory for data storage, as well as an on-screen help system and remote viewing functionality, which allows plant-floor operators and supervisors to monitor and discuss the health of their process from nearly anywhere using a smart phone. In the event of any communications failures between the nanodac controller and the system software, data continues to be stored within the nanodac recorder, and store and forward software functionality is designed to ensure all data is automatically recovered.

Both the product itself and its remote viewer application support several languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller also allows numerical and bar-graph runtime views, monitors channel alarms and can browse the instrument’s historical data, which can be stored in either a comma-separated value ffile or in a secure, check-summed format to protect data integrity.

Product Type:
Invensys Operations Management