Ball Valves Include Seating Options For Varying Temperature Ranges

Tyco introduces the Series 300 range of Ultra-Seal ball valves. With a full range of seating options including soft, carbon graphite and metal, the Ultra-Seal Series 300 range is type approval tested by Shell GSI. The range is suited for use in a wide variety of industries including petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, LNG and marine.

The Ultra-Seal Series 300 is a range of two-piece, full-bore, free-floating ball valves, incorporating mounting dimensions to BS EN 15081 and designed in accordance with ASME B16.34, BS EN ISO 17292 and ISO 14313/API 6D. The incorporation of soft, carbon graphite and metal seats is the most significant range of enhancements to the Series 200. These three seating options allow engineers to select the most appropriate seat design for temperatures as low as -196°C or as high as 450°C. Soft seat designs are fire tested to BS EN ISO 10497 standard.

Where abrasive and corrosive fluids are a major concern, a range of ball and seat coating materials are available. Coatings include tungsten carbide, which offers corrosion resistance especially for aqueous solutions and nickel alloy coating. It's also suitable where abrasion and particle erosion may be a challenge or for chromium carbide coating and protection against sliding wear up to 450°C.

The metal and carbon graphite seat designs incorporate spring materials for seal performance and high-integrity shaft seals give low-emission performance, even under thermal cycling. Both the metal and carbon graphite seats have been tested to Shell MESC SPE 77/312 class A and meet leakage performance of BS EN ISO 15848-2 class A.

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