Camera Offers Thermal Imaging And Temperature Measurement

Land Instruments' FTI-E 1000 camera is suited for high-temperature applications. Operating at 1µm, the new instrument combines high-resolution thermal imaging with accurate temperature measurement from 1100 to 5400 degrees over a range of four models.

FTI-E 1000 is suited for high-temperature applications where measurements are made complex by extremely small or moving targets. The high-resolution detector array coupled with precision optics is designed to resolve targets as small as 0.013mm square. Image processing provided by software can eliminate alignment issues.

Land can now provide an imaging solution for applications where traditionally an accurate and reliable measurement necessitated a short-wave single-point pyrometer. Land's dedicated software enables 'live' images and video to be captured. Many other image capture facilities enhance the software including timed acquisition, full range of temperature measurements (point, rectangle, polygon, isotherm, histogram and area) plus color palette choices and a range of alarm functions.

The new FTI-E 1000 is suited for many applications including steel concaster, boilers, cement kilns, pipe welding, glass furnaces, liquid metal, coating processes, wire mills and semiconductor crystal growth.