Monitor Influent And Effluent With New Sampling Line

Endress+Hauser has launched a line of water-sampling solutions for monitoring influent and effluent at water/wastewater treatment plants and in industrial process water applications. Other applications include municipal, industrial and surface water sampling. The water-sampling line includes the Liquistation CSF48 stationary unit and the Liquiport CSP44 portable unit.

The units accept "hot plug and play" inputs from up to two Endress+Hauser's Memosens digital sensors to measure parameters such as nitrates, conductivity, oxygen, pH, ORP turbidity or suspended solids. The same unit can be used to simultaneously measure multiple parameters just by changing sensor types. Each sensor plugs into a unit and can be configured from the multilingual display using PC-like menus. Each unit can store up to 100 programs, and can run up to 24 programs at a time.

In addition to the two Memosens digital inputs, base units come with two analog inputs, two binary inputs, two binary outputs, backlit display, SD card and a CDI-interface. The stationary unit can be supplied with 17 different bottle configurations, and the portable unit can be supplied with six different bottle configurations. A base unit can be updated by the user in the field into a complete monitoring and sampling station.

Typical analog inputs could be from a flowmeter, a rain gauge or any other measuring device with an analog output. Typical binary inputs could be pulses from a flow meter where each pulse represents a certain volume.

Product Type:
pH and ORP