Coalescing System Includes Corrosion-Resistant Features

Serfilco offers equipment for coalescing or separation of free oil from aqueous cleaners or other liquids of dissimilar specific gravities. The unit of corrosion resistant, all-plastic construction includes a pre-filter, which extends service life of the coalescing element. A complete line of systems in carbon steel and stainless steel is also available.

The coalescer is can separate dissimilar liquids with a specific gravity difference of .09 or greater. Recovered effluent contains less than 10 ppm of the discontinuous phase. For some combinations of liquids, the effluent contains less than 5 ppm of contamination.

When used on pre-treatment systems ahead of finishing operations, the coalescer can extend life, improve performance, and prevent contamination of subsequent processes.

Separations technology
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