Cooling-Tower Cleaner Features Compressor Output Of 60 PSI

Goodway Technologies’ TFC-100 cleans cooling tower fill with a solution designed to be environmentally sensitive cleaning solution. The TFC-100 can loosen and rinse away deposits from the tight crevices.

The unit’s spray gun and custom extension wands and nozzles allow users to penetrate hard-to-reach areas of a cooling tower. This enables users to apply 100% Goodway cleaning solution, a combination of solution and water or just water for powerful rinsing action.

The TFC-100 features a compressor output 60 PSI at 1 CFM; input power 5 amps, 115 V, 60 Hz AC; diaphragm pump; integrated continuous-duty air compressor for enhanced foam production; custom wand extensions and nozzles; heavy-duty, chemical resistant components and dolly; patform to hold one standard 5 gallon chemical container; water hose connection to dilute cleaning solution or provide a clean water rinse; and a hose, wand and tool holders.

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