Full-Scale Flow Rate To 55 slpm Is Now Available

Brooks Instrument has released new product enhancements to the GF Series ultra-high purity mass flow controllers. The GF Series is designed to be a highly modular, user-programmable, metal-sealed mass flow controller that delivers a new level of performance and flexibility. Brooks has increased the range of flow rates available on the GF Series from the current 3 sccm to 30 slpm to a new full-scale flow rate of 55 slpm. 

The GF Series features Brooks MultiFlo technology, which enables reprogramming of the gas and full-scale range in less than 30 seconds without removing the mass flow controller from the gas line. MultiFlo  mass flow controllers can deliver up to a three-times improvement in accuracy through the application of advanced gas modeling and compensation for non-ideal/non-linear gases.

Selecting a new gas automatically establishes optimized PID settings for dynamic control, compensates for gas density effects and ensures smooth overshoot-free transitions between flow rates with excellent steady state stability. GF Series flow settling time ranges from market-leading ultra-fast 300 ms (GF125) to one second (GF100/120).

For applications requiring a slower flow response, a user-programmable ramp function linearly transitions the flow between set points over a period of up to one hour with a resolution of 2 ms. All of these features are accessible through the independent service and diagnostic port. The all-metal flow path ensures compatibility with all gas media, while the GF’s minimal internal surface area and fully swept flow path ensures rapid purge and clean up, enabling customers to change between gases for maximum flexibility.

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Brooks Instrument