Controller-Based Batch Capability May Reduce Engineering Time

Rockwell Automation has extended its PlantPAx process automation system with the new PlantPAx Logix Batch and Sequence Manager. The application is designed to solve a wide range of local, controller-based batch and sequencing needs. This allows users to configure sequences directly in the controller through the human-machine interface using a standard user interface.

For system integrators, this feature is designed to eliminate the need for engineering-intensive custom code. In addition, OEMs can now design a common process control solution for end customers requiring local sequencing that can integrate into a larger plantwide solution. The Logix Batch and Sequence Manager is suited for stand-alone units such as mixers, blenders and reactors that require flexibility in the sequence (procedures) of the process and the formulas (setpoints) for the recipe. It is also designed for common continuous sequencing applications such as process startup/shutdown, grade changes and cleaning skid control.

The application is based on ISA-88 standards, which are said to provide a framework for the application. This consistency may help the end user troubleshoot problems faster, improve the run-time experience and increase throughput and improve quality.

The Logix Batch and Sequence Manager leverages the Logix Control Platform and FactoryTalk View software for integrated control and visualization. As part of the Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system, the application uses the same configuration, networking and visualization environment as the company’s larger-scale systems, enabling local, single-unit supervision and control, while supporting multiple, independent units in a single controller.

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