Temperature Controller Comes Equipped With Position Feedback

The Love Controls Division of Dwyer Instruments Inc. introduces its new model AV-3 ¼ DIN valve temperature controller with position feedback. The Series 4V 1/4 DIN temperature controller displays and controls the current position of a valve or damper by accepting in a signal from a position indicator such as Dwyer’s QV series.

The controls can be programmed for ON/OFF, PID, ramp and soak, auto-tuning, or manual tuning control methods. For greater design flexibility, the Series 4V accepts thermocouple, RTD, current or voltage inputs. An auto/manual key is located on the front panel to toggle between manual operation and automatic operation.

The RS-485 serial communications can work with either ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol. During normal operation, the controller will display the present value (PV), set point value (SV) and the current valve position (%). The Series 4V is equipped with two programmable alarm set points.

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Dwyer Instruments