Minimize Overspray And Quality Problems With Modular Spray System

AutoJet Model 1550 Modular spray systems from Spraying Systems Co. are designed to ensure accurate, precise placement of the liquid being sprayed to minimize waste and maximize quality in a wide range of operations. The system provides automatic on/off control of electrically and pneumatically actuated spray nozzles with greater precision than manual operation or devices such as solenoid valves.

Automatic nozzle control yields many benefits. Overspray is dramatically reduced, minimizing waste of costly coatings, mess and maintenance time. Quality problems resulting from inconsistent coverage are eliminated. Missed cycles and leaking or dripping during shut-off are also eliminated. Nozzles only spray when needed.

The system is compatible with Spraying Systems Co. automatic nozzles. When used with hydraulic PulsaJet automatic nozzles, very low flow rates can be achieved, eliminating the need for costly compressed air. Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow control is possible when the system is used with PulsaJet or AA250AUH nozzles. PWM flow control enables the use of larger nozzle orifices to reduce clogging and liquid use.

The AutoJet Model 1550 Modular Spray System is self-contained and compact. It is approximately 2.5-feet tall (0.76 m) and 1-foot wide (0.3 m) for easy integration into any operation. Set-up of the unit takes just a few minutes. Operators can be deployed to other tasks once the delay time, spray time, repeat time and duty cycle have been set. The system is available in three configurations, so users can purchase the needed level of control -- liquid pressure only, liquid and atomizing air pressure or liquid, atomizing air and fan air pressure. Air-actuated diaphragm pump and pressure-pot systems are available. The units are suitable for use in R&D, pilot and production operations.


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