Safety Level Measurement Package Combines Several Technologies

K-TEK introduces a blend of technologies that are designed to reduce risk and increase the safety ratings of level measurement systems. The company now provides a complete safety level package that combines redundant systems, independent technologies and a SIL2 certified device.

K-TEK's enhanced safety level measurement offerings include the AT200 magnetostrictive-level transmitters that are certified for operation in SIL2 environments. They can help reduce risk at the process measurement level when implementing Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in process plant environments. K-TEK's point-level switches, such as the TX Thermal Dispersion and Resonator Vibrating Forks, offer an independent and redundant form of level detection.

All of these can be integrated with the company's KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge with 3Ž4" extruded outlets. The MagWave Dual Chamber Level Measurement System is designed around a dual-chamber enclosure that includes a magnetic level gauge for level indication based on the specific gravity of the process, and a guided wave radar transmitter for measurements based on dielectric constant.

Product Type:
Safety instrumented systems