Quality Management Solution Includes Graphical Workflow Displays

Sparta Systems  Inc introduces Version 8 of its TrackWise enterprise quality management solution (EQMS). TrackWise 8 provides new capabilities that are designed to enable the rapid, parallel deployment of business processes in enterprise environments as well as increase usability for the infrequent user.
Highly regulated companies are under increased pressure to accomplish more with less, while maintaining control of their processes and products. Sparta Systems’ TrackWise EQMS now offers customers an accelerated deployment capability, enabling multiple groups to simultaneously configure and deploy processes with minimal impact on one another. The added flexibility in TrackWise software will also allow companies to perform a wide variety of maintenance activities independent of new project development. This furthers companies’ ability to continue to adapt existing processes to meet changing business requirements and regulations while independently continuing the rapid build-out of new business processes.
As quality systems have become broadly proliferated enterprise systems, the number of infrequent users of these applications has gradually increased over time. This makes a clear and concise user experience even more important so the broad user base can perform their job functions efficiently and effectively. With that need in mind, TrackWise software now includes a revised form layout with new workflow visualization functionality that graphically displays where users are in the workflow, how they got there, and what they can do next.
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